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This step is where all the planning takes place before the camera rolls. Creating a story board may seem like an extra unneeded step in the process of creating a TV/Broadcast production, but we at Steer Digital Media feel that it is an important step to show our clients exactly what we can offer. 


Best Way To Share Your Vision  

Visual aids are the perfect way for you as a client to share and explain your vision to our creative team. When you storyboard it gives both you and our team a mapped out version of your production, which helps to illuminate specific wants or needs.

Makes Production Easier

When you storyboard with our creative team you are creating a production plan, this will help layout all the shots you'll need in the order that you need them. It will also help to preview how the visuals interact with your production's script.


Saves You Time

Although storyboarding requires extra time, it is worth it in the long run of smooth creation. Small revisions may be made to the original storyboard, but overall, it helps move the creation process of your video along in a timely manner. 


Project Planning

Not only do we provide our clients with storyboarding within our pre-production phase, but also project planning. This step is where we will plan out the different physical aspects of your production. Planning out the locations and means of shooting (permits, people, ect.) is a crucial part in making sure that your production runs smoothly.