Steer Digital
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Our Services

We offer an array of web development services and will take you step by step through creating a website that best fits your needs as a company/ individual.

Client Education


This will be a time to meet with our team members and collaborate to build ideas that will be implemented in your website's design, it is a time for us to get to know you and your company in a more in depth level so that we can prepare the most tailored website for your company.


This is where we will set up a basic outline of the different pages that your company wants on the website, this is important so that we have a basis to what types of content you want to appear on your website. 


We will provide you with a selection of different Squarespace templates to choose from, with the array of templates we will select ones that fit with your outline and the direction you want to take in your website. These templates will be tailored to showcase your company's important assets and primary goals. 


Architecture Setup 

Framing out the website with pages tailored to your company's content. This is where we will pick the layout of each page and how the information will appear to your online users.


   Setting up the look and feel of the website, choosing page styles (header/ background colors) and selecting navigation styles (font/ letter Spacing).

Layout and Content
Adding finalized content to all the pages, this will include all of the text, images and videos (if necessary) to your website.
Finishing Touches 

Finally we will add this such as connections to social accounts, import blogs from existing sites, add /URL redirects, and also add your business information.

You and Your Website


-Squarespace offers a range of products and plans to choose from, some subscriber friendly policies are:  

-Annual billing plans are offered at a discount to monthly plans
-Annual billing plans come with a free custom domain for one year
-Annual billing plans can be canceled at any time and Squarespace will refund subscription fees that have already been paid on a pro rata basis
-Subscribers can upgrade or downgrade between plans at any time


Squarespace sites become publicly accessible as soon as they are upgraded from trial to paid subscription so payment information will be submitted when you are ready for your site to go live.


 You will be supported by Squarespace through the Customer Care team and the extensive Knowledge Base once your website is live.