Steer Digital

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We’re Steer Digital- a small team, based out of Rhode Island.

We work primarily on short branded content and TV shows for brands like Discovery and National Geographic. Overall, we’re an aggressive, fast moving team with legs in multiple industries.

Our team is more tech-savvy than most (our studio is filled with custom built PCs), yet we still somehow have daily issues with our data management system (aka "sneakernet"). However, being a small team, it’s a barrier for us to spend $10k+ on a server solution.

We propose the following partnership: 

To create a campaign focused on the impact of our team’s workflow implementing a Jellyfish unit into our studio. This features a 3-5 minute branded film and an article.

I’ve detailed the production plan below.


We have a confirmed upcoming project to serve as the subject for your branded film: In August, our team is flying to Ecuador for two weeks to shoot a long form piece on 20 foot Giant Manta Rays.

We’ll be filming the majority of the piece underwater - scuba diving with the giants. We’re shooting on RED Weapon and Sony cameras: two of the most popular camera systems used by film teams today. The project is being produced by us independently, so we’ll have full rights to use the content in your campaign. The visuals of these graceful underwater creatures combined with the technical details of our team's workflow will create a standout piece for the Jellyfish solution.

Two Jellyfish options:

A. We borrow a Jellyfish unit for 1 year and return the hardware at the end of a one year period.

B. We receive a Jellyfish unit to keep. We'd be happy to cover $2,000 of the expense.

You can watch one of our award-winning short films below:


Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you have additional questions, we'd be happy to schedule a call. You can send us a message at