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There is a story behind every digital production, here you will find discussions on some of the exciting projects we have worked on.

Mission Critical: Brian Skerry

Mission Critical: Brian Skerry

PROVIDENCE, R.I._Sharks are portrayed in mainstream media as killers, ready to rip through flesh and devour anything in their path.  What if the media portrayed them as heroes? 

Instagram star and Underwater Photographer Brian Skerry is striving to make this heroic portrayal a reality.

This digital media production, composed by the creative team at Steer Digital Media, showcases the three decades of photography experience and efforts that Skerry has worked for to change the mindset on these massive ocean predators. 

“If we all keep beating that drum [of change] the future could be bright,” said Skerry. 

Riding along with scientists in his native New England waters, Skerry sets out to capture one of the ocean’s most dangerous sharks, the Mako. Steer Digital Media captures Skerry’s encounters with these sharks and brings to light Skerry’s goal to show that sharks are the kings of the ocean and without them the fragile ecosystem wouldn’t exist. 

Lexi Shy