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There is a story behind every digital production, here you will find discussions on some of the exciting projects we have worked on.

Chapman Cycles

Chapman Cycles

PROVIDENCE, R.I.__Cycling has been a major part of Brian Chapman’s life for well over three decades. Chapman is not only part of the riding community, but also handcrafts custom bicycles. Adhering to the classic aesthetic, Chapman’s shop teems with handheld tools that to many are considered archaic.

“The bikes that I make under my name are intended to push the limits of my craftsmanship and my vision of the integrated bicycle," says Chapman.

Providence based digital film production company Steer Digital Media captures the detailed skill implemented at Chapman Cycles to create these individualized pieces of craftsmanship.

Focusing on contour and light touring bicycles at the moment Chapman expresses that his goal is to not be concerned with his bicycle while riding along Rhode Island’s back roads.

“Riding…and socializing with friends is the essence of cycling to me,” Chapman says. “The bike is the vehicle that gets me to that feeling [and] I don’t want to be concerned [about it].”  

Lexi Shy