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Behind The Lens

There is a story behind every digital production, here you will find discussions on some of the exciting projects we have worked on.

The Edge

The Edge: A Digital Production


PROVIDENCE, R.I__ Showcased in Keen’s 2015 International Ocean Film Tour, The Edge is a powerful short digital production.

The film showed on the International Film Tour in the United States and 10 countries in Europe, including Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

With influence of award winning cinematographer Joe Romeiro, Steer Films’ Creative Producer and Director Carlos Toro and Director of Photography Ryan Sherwood, a digital film production was created, showcasing the natural beauty of one of the ocean’s largest ocean predators, sharks.


The Edge places focus on the misconception of sharks and the fear inducing way in which they are portrayed in mainstream culture/ cinema. Providing the viewer with this new perspective, the film aims to promote the evolution of public opinion.

“[Sharks] have paid a huge price since the movie Jaws because of people’s irrational fear of them,” says Romeiro. “In the same breath [though], they have grown to be one of the most iconic animals on Earth.”

Steer Films, a providence, R.I. based Film Company, took on Romeiro’s project because of its appeal as a unexplored area with an important story to tell. The company, headed by Toro, specializes in digital production of short films, pairing aesthetic footage with client stories.

“We take on anything and we are always on the hunt for interesting stories,” says Toro. “We try to use film as a means to intensely explore different vocations.”

What makes Steer Films so special is their mentality of delving into digital production projects that they can provide a visual telling of the story, to try and help bring it into the public’s eye. Their work with Romeiro, The Edge that showcased in the International Ocean Film Tour, is a great example of their individualized talent to capture footage that can help bring issues such as shark conservation into the public sphere in an aesthetically pleasing way.

“We Just dove into it [The Edge], we had never worked with sharks before so it was an exploration,” says Toro. “Exploring the world through a lens opens up so many unique opportunities such as the International Ocean Film Tour, it’s why we do it.”


Lexi Shy